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Welcome to the Frye Family web page. I will try to update this page monthly.

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Tricia is no longer working at JoAnn's Fabrics, but is still working for the school district. She got a promotion to the Lead position at Four Corners School.

Me, I started doing woodworking again. My first project was a bench for the end of our bed and it turned out OK. Next I did an endgrain cutting board. That didn't turn out like I wanted so I'll do it again.

Me, I've gotten really clumsey in my old age. I broke and dislocated my right thumb 10/25/1013. Was in a cast for 4 1/2 weeks. Now only have partial use of the thumb. Dumb on my part.

We're loving our new home, check out the picture below. I've purchased some more tool to help in my woodworking so my next project is a bench to sit on the front porch. I cancelled the bench and instead made two adirondack chairs with an attached table between them. I'll add a picture of them below.

Our house was built in 1978 so things are starting to wear out. The last is the fan in the master bath. I bought a new fan to replace it. Had a heck of a time getting the old one out but managed to to it. Now it turns out I have to have a heater duct moved to make room for the new fan. Guess I didn't check clearances very well. I forgot I had to enlarge the opening in the ceiling and when I did the clearance problem popped up. Forturately we're having a professional company move the duct. Also decided to have the fan on a separate switch. Right now it goes on when you turn on the bathroom lights.

The duct clearance problem turned out to be no big deal. I needed so little room that the guy from the ducting company just hit the duct several times with a hammer and that got the clearance I needed. Also, the fan is now on a separate switch so all is good for now.

On May 10 2019 we had to put our poor Charlie to sleep. He just got too sick and the Vets said he wouldn't survive.

It's been real busy since my last entry. I managed to break a bone in my hand and wound up in as cast again. I hope this is not going to be a trend.

Still haven't replaced Charlie. We'll probably start looking sometime this summer.

I'm adding another page to this site named My Flying Days.



Our New Home

Our New Home



Adirondeck chairs

The Adirondack chairs that I made.




Ed and Tricia's Wedding in Maui



        Just Maui'd                                Beach where we were married       
This was taken right after the ceremony    This is the name of the beach where we were married

   The ceremony   Ernest & Ed
This photo was taken during the ceremony

This is Ernest. He's one of the better singers on Maui. This was taken on our wedding night.



 Lobby at Embassy Suites   Good photo taken at the Palomares Cafe
Tricia and I in the lobby of the Embassy Suites in Maui.

This was taken at the Palomares cafe in Castro Valley. I think it's a good one of Tricia and I.

(Click for larger image)


Charlie Tricia and Charlie
This is Charlie. We think he's really cute.
Tricia & Charlie at Ney Beach in Newport Oregon


Charlie's 9th Birthday

Charlie's 9th Birthday

Charlie and I at Ney Beach

Charlie and I at our apartment in Dublin, Ca

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On may 10,2019 we were forced to put our little guy to sleep. His medical problems were too great.
Naturally we are heart broken and words cannot express our true feelings. We miss him and
will never forget him.

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