My Career in Law Enforcement

This is what I did for almost 16 years and I'm very proud of it.


Shadow Box

This is a shadow box that my wife, Tricia, made for me.


Old Sheriff


Young Deputy

This photo was taken in the lobby of the old Hayward Police Station sometime in 1975. I was 28 years old and had been a Deputy Sheriff for 5 years.

This is a photo of me dressed as an old Sheriff. Only the hat is mine


After the fight1 After the fight2
These two photos were taken right after a big fight at the Blue Dolphin Restaurant in San Leandro. As you can tell, I lost the fight! Here is a link to the news article Blue Dolphin Fight


The Hat The Hat Letter
This photo was taken right after I had a prisoner destroy my new hat. Click to enlarge
This letter is a joke one sent to my Captain by my Watch Commander, Morrie Hickson. Click for larger image


Ed as a young Deputy Sheriff  
I thought this was taken in 1975 after I got back from Evidence Technician school, but the patrol car is a 1974 model so it must have been taken during the summer of 1973.


I've talked a lot about my time as both a Deputy Sheriff and as a San Leandro Police Officer. I sometimes wonder if people really believe the stories I tell, so I thought I would include some photos of the incidents I have spoken about. You will have to click on the links to see them because they are fairly large pictures that I scanned. The first is one that I'm very proud of. It is the Subpoena I received for the suspects in the Chowchilla Kidnapping.I was one of the Evidence Technicians on the case. I've added a photo of the school bus the kids were in when Kidnapped

The next picture is of two Commendations I received from the Alameda County Sheriff's Department. One was from when I was in Transportation. The other while I was on patrol. I've added another Commendation that I received for finding a stolen car.The last picture from my time with the Sheriff's Department is a letter from the Assistant United States Attorney advising that the case against me had been closed. They were considering filing Civil Rights Violations against me so this was a very scary time. The incident was about a tooth that I knocked out of a suspect that was in custody.

The next pictures involves a bad fire in San Leandro. Here is the Link to page two of the article. As a result of my actions I received a Commendation from the Fire Chief. The woman I rescued had relatives all over the country. Both her Husband and the husband's nephew wrote letters of commendation to my Chief.

Well, I think I've bragged enough but once you see all the pictures I think you will agree I have a right to be proud of what I did as both a Deputy Sheriff and as a Police Officer.